Moramma™ - Beta Release

Moramma™ - Beta Release
an Ambient Setting Platform

Moramma™ manages the music of the environment according to the taste of the users.

Available for all platforms.



You are in control

When you are inside a Moramma™ Spot the environment will adapt automatically (or manually) to your taste.

Moramma™ Spot

Use Moramma™ Spots on the map to find out in real-time what's happening in your favorite clubs, restaurants, and gyms.

Ambient Settings Platform

Moramma™ - Beta Release makes possible the creation of dynamic environmental settings that will change according to users sharing a location.

User context

Share your refined preferences and contribute to the collective experience

Dynamic Music

Users can control music and other features.

Influence your surroundings

Cause your surroundings to adapt to who you are with Moramma™

Built for you

Define your environment settings, attract users and let them interact with the system. With the Moramma™ account manager you can have the last word on everything: check playlists, volume, bans and much more!


Who we are


Federico Fraccaroli



Gianluca Benedetti


International Business Development, Executive MBA, BSBA Marketing


Carlo Tacchella

M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering

Full-stack developer web and multi-platform mobile


Florenc Demrozi

Ph.D Student Computer Science

Ambient Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living and Embedded Systems


Fabio Chiarani

B.S. Computer Science Student



Francesco Tonini

B.S. degree in Computer Science

App developer

Moramma™ - Beta Release

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